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Upi, Maguindanao Premium Coffee Blend (Whole Bean), Medium Roast 250g - North Star Upi Coffee

Regular price ₱410.00

Origin: Upi, Maguindanao

Process: Whole Roasted/ Natural

Roast: Medium


NORTH STAR is a family-owned small business that sells coffee from Upi & South Upi, They formed the Malibacao Agricultural Cooperative to develop products further. It is composed of local Upi farmers that collaborate in farming and processing.

Everytime you choose NORTH STAR UPI coffee, you support: the livelihood of local Upi farmers, the growth of Up's coffee industry, and the sustainability of a small business. You are positively impacting the everyday lives of Filipinos when you choose Philippine products.

Along with the cooperative, NORTH STAR has collaborated with LGs and NGOs, spearheaded the establishment of a coffee council in Upi, participated in an international food exhibition, won a Silver Award in the prestigious AVPA Paris 2020 - and many more, in the short span of 3 years.