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Don Hulyo Hot Sauce (Original)

Regular price ₱200.00

This hot sauce is the “Classic“. Don Hulyo Hot Sauce is our first ever hot sauce made available​ in the market. Earthy and thick brown sauce made of blended pit-smoked red ripe ghost pepper, with loads of smoked tomatoes, garlic, and onions. This tangy addictive condiment provides middle-of-the-mouth heat with a unique great-tasting flavor. This hot sauce uses all-natural ingredients from locally farmed peppers, aromatic spices, and fresh herbs. Combining the best flavors from Tex-Mex and the Philippines for a distinct western-Filipino taste.

- Just right amount of heat and flavor
- Made from blended Ghost Peppers, herbs, and spices
- Medium hot (if you are a HARDCORE chilihead, try our Infierno hot sauce line instead)
- All natural and organic ingredients